While many regions in Bali are known for their busy nightlife and fun beaches, East Bali is a region that strives on delivering a natural, beautiful setting for you to enjoy. When in East Bali, one of the most interesting places to visit is definitely Klungkung, as this is a town that has a major cultural as well as historical significance in the area, not to mention that may people see it as a religious landmark.

Another great place to visit if you are in East Bali is definitely Candidasa. This is mainly a coastal town, so there aren’t that many things to do and see here, although you can reach the east coast from here thanks to the gateway.

Additionally, you have the Padang Bai, which is a small yet significant port that provides a fast, safe travel towards Lombok. Here you can also check out the white sand beach right near the port, a beautiful place with so many interesting things to explore.

On top of that, if you are in East Bali you might even want to check out Amed. This is an area filled with villages where fishing is more than a way to sustain the families, in fact it has actually become a way of life. Here you can even check out the coral reefs, the black sand beaches and the numerous diving opportunities that you get here thanks to the clear water.

If you are a fan of the natural wonders of the world, then check out Kintamani. East Bali, and Kintamani in particular are very popular because of the Mount Batur volcano which is still active. Near it however you can find numerous fruits that grew relentlessly, not to mention that you will get a stunning, amazing mountain scenery from there as well.

Moreover, try to check out the Mount Agung and the Tirta Gangga. The first one is the highest mountain in Bali and in there you can even find the Mother Temple of Besakih, so if you are into religion this is a great place to visit.

Then, you got the Tirga Gangga which has a water palace, and some famous rice terraces that are quite popular and widely known in the region.

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